We are a law firm with extensive experience in Criminal Law, and with emphasis on matters related to business, economic and financial fraud. The absolute commitment to our clients identifies us, as we seek to provide our customers with integral solutions to their problems by generating successful prevention and control strategies.

We have extensive experience in business services. We know the standards of efficiency and effectiveness demanded by business organizations, the management and relationship needs, as well as the high qualities they require in the development of their activities, which has prepared us to respond to the expectations of our clients.

Investigation and collection of evidence in support of the work of judicial representation

We are convinced of the need to translate arguments into successful strategies. For this reason, PRIAS CADAVID has an internal support team to collect the evidences and probative material that is required to support the thesis of the defense, or of the victim, in the processing of investigations and judicial processes.

Judicial Representation

We represent our clients to defend their interests at the judicial procedures they may face in criminal matters, from the perspective of victims of the conduct that is the object of the process, and as a technical defense.

For this, we have a team of lawyers with extensive experience in litigation, and with internal support in matters of investigation, in order to collect the evidence and probative material necessary to achieve the desired objectives.


The regulatory compliance policies implemented by the national government by the recent years are increasingly being applied at several areas of the national economy. Likewise, given the multinational nature of many companies, these policies come from European and US legislation. We advise our clients in the design and implementation of compliance policies that correspond to their sector, in order to meet the corresponding provisions and thus avoid the realization of risks in various areas, including those of a criminal nature. To support this work, we have the assistance of serious professionals in the fields of economics, finance, administration and accounting, aspects of necessary consultation and attention in these processes.