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Judicial Representation

PRÍAS CADAVID ABOGADOS has broad experience in litigation matters in the criminal judicial branch, such as precise knowledge in commercial, economic and financial areas, which provide a privileged position in approaching facts that are reviewed in the process and handling relevant evidence.

Such judicial matters may be criminal proceedings filed against legal representatives or company staff members for which a defensive position must be assumed, attending to the Company's policies and criteria during the course of their activities. This includes company representation as liable civil parties within the criminal process. And equally, on matters where a company is affected due to criminal conduct at the center of the discussion; in this case, our Firm represents the company as a victim or civil party, according to the corresponding procedural process.

As most of the conducts which are relevant for the criminal law are also administrative infractions, we also represent the directors and employees of the companies involved in investigations before the General Comptroller´s Office and the Public Ministry Office.

As it is quite frequent to have two or the three of those scenarios open at the same time, it is very important to maintain a unified strategy through the same lawyers´ team.